MRCP PACES Preparatory Course

PACESprep, Aster MIMS Kottakkal

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  • The PACES Prep 2019 presents a rare opportunity to train & be guided by actual examiners for the PACES exam.
  • Faculty consists of experienced UK & India based MRCP PACES examiners who have collectively examined over 5000 candidates so far.
  • Demonstration of examination skills of PACES Stations 1, 3 & 5 with real patients, and trained surrogates for History taking and Communication Stations in Stations 2 & 4.
  • Mock exam will be held on the final day, with individualized feedback provided to all candidates.
  • Regular course fees – Rs 60,000 plus GST. (Early bird offer till 15th September 2019 – Rs 52,000 plus GST)

Course Starts: 18-Oct-2019
Contact Email:
Phone: +91 8606361343

Day One – Morning Session

Faculty arrive at 8:30

08:30am: Candidate Registration and Coffee
09:30am: Welcome by Dr Hari P.S, CMS, Aster MIMS, Kottakkal
09:35am: Introduction – Dr Tahsin Neduvanchery & Dr Chacko
09:40am: Station 1 – Abdomen and Respiratory – ‘Techniques, tips and common cases’ – Dr Cooper
10:00am: Station 3 – Neurology – ‘Techniques, tips and common cases’ – Dr Newman
10:20am: PACES Host Examiner’s perspective – Dr Chacko
10:40am: Coffee Break
10:45am: Clinical examination Demonstration Carousel
Faculty will demonstrate how to examine each clinical station

20 minutes per station
Candidates divided into four groups
Neurology – Dr Newman
Cardiology – Dr Chacko
Respiratory – Dr Dwarakanth
Abdomen – Dr Cooper

12:05 pm: Lunch Break

Day One – Afternoon Session

Start at 1:15 pm

Candidates divided into 5 groups. 25 minutes per station, including discussion. One candidate examines both patients at a station, while the others observe. Candidates rotate in examining.
Station 1A
Station 1B
Station 3A
Station 3B
Station 3C

03:20pm: Coffee Break
04:00 pm: Four 15 minute Revision sessions

Station Three Neurology: Dr Newman
Station Three Cardiology: Dr Chacko
Station One Respiratory: Dr Dwarakanath
Station One Abdomen: Dr Cooper

05:00 pm: PACES Countdown: Clinical Quiz One
05:40 pm: End of Day One

Day Two – Morning Session

09:30am: ‘The Essence of Stations Two and Four’ Dr Newman
09:40am: Platform demonstration of Station Four – 20 minutes
10:00am: Platform demonstration of Station Two – 20 minutes
10:20am: Coffee Break
10:30am: 5 Communication stations – 20 minutes each, 5 minutes reading time.

Candidates divided into five groups.
2A – Dr Chacko
2B – Dr Dwarakanath
4A – Dr Newman
4B – Dr Cooper
4C – Dr Charlton/Dr Liza Chacko

12.35 pm: Lunch

Day Two – Afternoon Session


01:15pm: ‘The Essence of Station Five’ Dr Dwarakanath with platform demonstration.
01:35pm: Candidates take their positions in the stations for Station Five

5 Stations, with two patients per station, candidates divided into five groups
20 minutes/station, 5 minute reading time

5A Dr Chacko
5B Dr Cooper
5C Dr Dwarakanath
5D Drs Charlton/L Chacko
5E Dr Newman

03:40 pm: End of Afternoon session.

Coffee Break and return to Lecture Hall

04:00pm: Know your Neurology Revision : Dr Newman
04:20pm: Valvular Heart Disease- The Big Four : Dr Chacko
04:40pm: Don’t Miss the Scar : Dr Chacko
05:00pm: PACES Countdown : Clinical Quiz – Two

05:40pm: End of Day Two

Day Three – Morning Session

5 stations, 4 cycles

When one group of five candidates are going through the mock exam, the remaining candidates will attend the moderated sessions conducted by Dr L Chacko & Dr Charlton

Cycle timings could change depending on final candidate numbers

10:25am: Coffee Break
12:50pm: Lunch Break
03:35pm: Coffee Break

All candidates complete Mock Exam at 05:45pm

Filling of Feedback forms

06:00pm: Individual feedback begins.
07:00pm: Course ends

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